STOP Gas Discomfort & EmbarrassmentEnjoy Your Favorite Foods Without Worry!

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Dietary Supplement

Naturally gentle, non-drug formula Relieves Gas & Bloating FAST*... Guaranteed Satisfaction

Why is CharcoCaps® Unique?

Unlike other anti-gas products that use simethicone (OTC drug ingredient) or enzymes, CharcoCaps® uses a naturally gentle, safe, non-drug called activated charcoal that adsorbs and eliminates intestinal gas & bloating FAST! * Read more...

Interesting Facts... Really!

When hearing the word charcoal, many think of the charcoal briquette used in outdoor barbecues. Quite contrary, activated charcoal (activated carbon) is safe to ingest and its use for medicinal purposes dates back centuries as well as today. Read more...

How does CharcoCaps® Work?

CharcoCaps® works by attracting and condensing intestinal gas molecules into the thousands of tiny pores on the activated charcoal's surface. These surfaces adsorb or filter away the intestinal gas. Read more...

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