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7 Easy Natural Ways to Reduce Belly Bloat

When we think about belly bloat, we tend to think about the things we eat and that horrid bloating feeling that tends to linger way too long. When we think about achieving a flat stomach, we think about exercise. Truth is, it takes a combination of eating right and exercising to get a no-bloat, flat tummy. We’ve compiled a list of the seven easiest ways to reduce belly bloat and rid your body of bloating all together.


No. 1 – Burn That Gas

Everything from cleaning the house to rowing works. Anything that gets your middle moving helps keep gas and that bloating sensation at bay. If you’re not into developing a new hard-core workout routine, try a simple walk and talk with a friend, but try to do it every day. When we have someone else relying on us, we’re more likely to show up. When we’re only answering to ourselves, we often make excuses.


Other Ways to Move Your Middle

  • Yoga – bend and flex, twist and turn
  • Cardio – walk, run, ride a bike, take a Zumba class, get that heart pumping
  • Tennis – combines cardio with twisting
  • Boxing, kickboxing, etc. – a whole lot of moving and twisting to an elevated heart rate


No. 2 – Change the Way You Eat

If you are suffering from chronic gas and bloating problems, a lifestyle change may be in order. Making small changes to your daily diet can have a big impact on the way you look and feel. No one enjoys belly bloat or feeling gassy. Make an effort and the rewards will be all yours.


What You SHOULD Eat

  • Fiber reduces belly fat – apples, pinto beans, artichoke and brans
  • Avocados – ward off belly fat and chill out blood sugar levels
  • Fresh seafood rocks – salmon and other omega-3 rich fish are great at busting belly fat
  • Sunflower seeds – they’re packed with nutrition
  • Water – it helps your body flush out toxins
  • Peanut butter – not just PB&J, try mixing a tablespoon or two up to make a delicious dressing for salads and whole grain pastas
  • Lean protein – reduces cravings, boosts metabolism and helps you eat less


What You should AVOID Eating

  • Salt – switch to salt-free seasonings
  • Soda or anything carbonated – that’s like injecting gas directly into your stomach
  • Cut carbs – rice, breads, pastas, cereals
  • Raw veggies and fruits – cook them first
  • Spicy foods and seasonings – they can stimulate stomach acid and cause bloat
  • Gum – causes you to swallow air
  • Legumes, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, onions, peppers, citrus cause gas and belly bloat, even if they are cooked


No. 3 – Add Some Probiotics

Probiotics benefit the body and the brain. There are lots of probiotic supplements, but plenty of foods can be a natural source, too. Foods rich with probiotics include things with live/active cultures, like some cheeses, yogurts, buttermilk, etc. Fermented soybean products, cabbage, sauerkraut and pickles are also rich sources for probiotics.


No. 4 – Avoid Alcohol

It counteracts the benefits of water. Alcohol dehydrates the body. Water flushes toxins out of the body. So, sober up and drink water, water and more water. Water reduces bloating, while alcohol increases it.


No. 5 – Don’t Do Dairy

Dairy causes major belly bloat, with a few noted exceptions, like cheeses and yogurts with live/active cultures. If dairy makes you feel gassy or bloated, chances are pretty good that you could be lactose intolerant. Nearly 50 million Americans have some form of intolerance to dairy, according to Prevention Magazine.


No. 6 – Sit Up Straight

Make your mom and teacher’s proud. Sitting up without leaning back on the chair. Keep your shoulder blades together. Lower your shoulders down away from your ears. Pull your tummy in. Hold it in, like your ribs are laced together and won’t let that belly out. Try to breathe deeply as much as possible. This will help to expel stale air and replace it with fresh new air. This is energizing. What’s more, the more you do this, the more it will become a habit. Sitting up straight will burn calories and increase your brain power. When you catch yourself slouching, straighten back up and get back on track. No judgement, just realignment.


No. 7 – For Fast Relief, Take a CharcoCaps® Supplement

When all else fails and you need relief sooner rather than later, CharcoCaps® is a great option. Its unique anti-gas formula quickly and safely adsorbs intestinal gas. Its activated charcoal is naturally gentle on the stomach and has no side effects when used as instructed.*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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