Abdominal And Stomach Bloating: Causes And Remedies

It’s a topic that we often are too embarrassed to admit: abdominal gas and bloating. It’s a condition that every person has suffered from, a few times or chronically, and continues to affect our daily lives in a negative way. For some, the bloating is gone within a day, and for others it continues to come back.

Bloating remedies are only so good, and often create side effects that can impact digestion later on. For example, antacids will lower the amount of stomach acid in the stomach to reduce gas and bloating, but can permanently lower stomach acid in the future and stall a healthy intestinal tract from absorbing food properly. Anti gas medicines can alleviate pressure and pain within hours; only after the gas has started. There are few preventative options for those who suffer from this kind of discomfort. Which gas and bloating remedies are the right ones to try and integrate into a healthy lifestyle?

Chew food slowly and mindfully.

One of the best bloating remedies is also preventative; before the food even causes problems during digestion. Our teeth and saliva break food down into tiny bits that are already predigested before they reach the stomach. Think about parent birds pre-chewing the food they give their babies – it assists in digestion and assimilation of the nutrients in the food. The same goes for us as well. Chew food well before swallowing, to ensure the food is properly broken down. In addition, eating mindfully regards the speed and size of your bites. Truly savor each bite by taking your time, and eat smaller bites to prevent any future bloating.

Keep track of any offending foods.

This is a tougher, but more in depth, option among the bloating remedies out there. Sometimes, we experience gas and bloating when we are eating foods that do not agree with our intestinal tract. Food allergies and intolerances have skyrocketed, and it’s important to stay aware of any foods that may be affecting your health and well being. Common “food offenders” are wheat, shellfish, dairy, eggs, and nuts.

Preventative herbs and minerals.

Did you know that many herbs and minerals can assist your body in digesting food? Fresh and powdered ginger is great during and after a meal to additionally break food down in your intestines. Our CharcoCaps are designed to tackle gas immediately by dissipating the gas molecules, rapidly alleviating your pain.

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