Antacid, Anti-Gas Or Gas Prevention: Which Do I Choose?

There are more people out there with stomach issues today than there has ever been, but this doesn’t mean that gas bloating isn’t embarrassing and problematic. We all enjoy eating our favorite foods, but the harsh reality is that these foods may actually be causing our issues with gas. What we put into our bodies should be nourishing, delicious, and bring a little joy to our lives; here’s how to avoid the embarrassing symptoms that may follow.

When it comes to gas symptoms, bloating, and other digestive issues, it’s better to manage the problem before it starts. Generally, a buildup of gas causing symptoms such as bloating, indigestion, or pain – it generally means your body is reacting to something you put inside of it. Because of this, prevention should be your first method of choice; it’s best to take action before the trouble starts. Here are some tips to help with prevention of gas symptoms:

  • Create a food diary to find out which foods are triggering your symptoms.
  • Add good bacteria, such as acidophilus, to your diet to help your body maintain a healthy GI tract.
  • Use teas or supplements such as ginger to aid in digestion.
  • Take activated charcoal to filter away trapped gas from your system.

If you have used a food diary to isolate your trigger foods, taking an anti-gas medication before you eat some of these foods can help your symptoms from occurring by blocking the gas buildup before it starts. Natural products are the best choice as you will have less risk of side effects, and they are often gentler on your body. Be sure to read the labels of the anti-gas medication since many products often only address some food sources. CharcoCaps is unique in that it addresses multiple sources of gas such as lactose, grains, and vegetable sources.

You will want to use an antacid as your last line of defense. Antacids may work if you have properly identified your problem as acid indigestion, once the symptoms have already occurred. If you manage your symptoms after your body has already reacted, if you find relief, it is quite often short lived, and some may experience side effects with common remedies.

Preventing issues from occurring is the best mode of action for both you and your body when it comes to gas bloating and other digestion problems.

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