Are Gas and Indigestion Related?

When you’re looking to soothe your digestive issues, it’s important to know what, exactly, is causing your problem in order to manage it effectively. Maybe people self-diagnose upper gastrointestinal issues as simply indigestion or gas, but did you know that these two things, however related, often have different causes and symptoms?

What is Gas?

Gas, while we generally think of it as simply flatulence, also includes burping or belching and the uncomfortable tightness of bloating. It’s generally caused by the foods we eat although some people do occasionally have problems with gas due to emotional issues and anxiety. Gas is caused by foods that sit in the stomach for longer periods of time, or foods that simply take longer to digest. Some goods like legumes do take a good bit of time to digest which causes the infamous bean flatulence. Other foods that can cause a lot of gas are dairy products, vegetables like broccoli or cabbage and even some fruits.

What is Indigestion?

Indigestion is a catchall term for stomach upset. These can include gas, acid reflux, heartburn and a multitude of other things. Though, as with gas, indigestion is often caused by the foods you eat, it can also have other causes, like smoking, sleeping on a full stomach, alcohol consumption and even some prescription medicines can cause indigestion. Primarily, most people experience the symptoms of indigestion when eating large meals with fatty or spicy foods.

In order to soothe your stomach problems, you’ll need to know whether the issue is just gas, or if it’s indigestion because both, while able to be managed with the same remedies, have different causes. It may be a simple a thing as adjusting your diet and the times during the day in which you eat that can help resolve your issues.

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