Bench Bloating

You might have invented a few snacks in your own kitchen, but chances are, they’re nothing like some of the truly unusual items offered at ballparks and stadium concession stands.

These days, some professional baseball stadiums do a brisk business selling such items as chicken-fried corn on the cob, chicken waffle cones, nachos on a stick, pulled pork parfaits and s’mores-covered bacon. Not to be outdone, a southern Illinois minor league team offers a burger topped with cheese and bacon, which sounds normal enough – until you see that it is wedged inside a split Krispy Kreme glazed donut. And if you’re thirsty? Wash it down with – what else?– a frothy beer shake.

If you don’t feel bloated just reading the menu board at some concession stands, you probably will after indulging on one of these high-fat, high-fiber “treats.” And who wants to deal with the consequences of gas and bloating during an otherwise pleasant afternoon or evening at the park?

Fortunately, some nutritionists count themselves as sports enthusiasts, too, and so are in a prime position to make food recommendations to people who want to snack at the park but avoid gas and bloating symptoms. While there’s no doubt that many concession stands teem with burgers, nachos and fried food, many more are offering “smart” food choices. Here’s what some top nutritionists say to scan the menu board for when you’re determined to bench bloating:

  • Sushi, though it’s wise to forgo those filled with gas-inducing cream cheese. Skip the side order of fried egg rolls.
  • Chicken wraps, as long as they’re filled with grilled, and not fried, chicken. Be sure to skip special sauces and dressings and green, leafy vegetables. They may look appetizing, but lettuce and broccoli can sometimes bring on gas faster than fried food.
  • Grilled chicken sandwiches or panini are a good option, especially if served open-face. Reduce the amount of bread to reduce gas symptoms typically brought on by fiber.
  • Mediterranean platters, or those containing a combination of hummus and flatbread. It may be tempting to ask for a side of cheese, but creamy cheese products especially can spawn gas symptoms.

It also might help to eat before leaving for the park and packing a healthy snack – such as an energy bar – for the ride. And never leave home without CharcoCaps. These over-the-counter capsules absorb gas and bring fast relief from bloating. No matter what your favorite sport, think of CharcoCaps as your best line of defense against gas and bloating.

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