Does Your Belly Flatten in the Absence of Bloating and Gas?

When we’re suffering from bloating and gas, a good diet and rigorous workout schedule can be trumped by a bulging waistline. What are the right steps to take to prevent this from affecting your healthy lifestyle? Are there natural remedies to combat bloating and gas? Here are a few things to consider when you’re achieving the belly pooch free, healthy digestion body:

How you eat can change your digestive system.

For some people, eating slowly dramatically improves their digestive system. By chewing the food longer and taking their time, the digestive enzymes in the body are able to properly break food down and prevent bloating and gas. This commonly affects dieters without them even realizing it. Really allow the flavor of your food to melt on your tongue as you chew it, and you will help pre-digest your food before it hits your intestinal tract.

In addition, eating late at night will cause bloating and gas for anyone. If you eat too close to the time you fall asleep, your body shuts down your enzymatic activity to break food down properly. Imagine letting your late dinner sit in your stomach until you wake up in the morning. Similarly, food can ferment this way in your body, causing dramatic bloating and gas for the next day (or two)!

Preventative action equals results.

Just like exercising and dieting help us to stay lean and fit, eating properly and taking the right steps can ensure that we suffer less, or not at all, from any digestive disturbances. Finding the right foods that do not cause gas on their own, by avoiding the foods that are common allergens, will solidify your digestive system and how it breaks down your meals.

In addition, taking helpful herbs can strengthen your enzymatic stomach acids to additionally break food down and prevent bloating. Ginger, peppermint, and cinnamon are all simple options to try with meals. Activated charcoal, the main ingredient in CharcoCaps, is immediate belly relief that adsorbs and removes gas molecules from the body.

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