Don’t Miss The Boat; Beat The Bloat

Who can resist a slice of lasagna, oozing with cheese and marinara sauce and resting on a bed of pasta? And you’d have to be a saint to resist pairing this slice of heaven with a piece of crusty Italian bread – with or without a blanket of whipped butter.

Whether you wash down this feast with a carbonated beverage or “go pure” with a glass of ice water, you’d hardly be alone if the satisfied grin on your face slowly turns to a grimace.

It’s uncomfortable. It’s achy. And it’s called bloating – that impossibly full feeling in your abdomen. It could get worse – to the point where you feel as though your stomach might burst like a balloon.

Bloating after eating is almost associated with what you eat and how you eat it. This means that, to some extent, you can beat the bloat by practicing some preventive strategies. If the strategies fail, you can begin chapter two by addressing bloating after eating head-on.

Keep bloating under control by:

  • Increasing your physical activity, which can bolster your metabolism.
  • Eating only when you’re really hungry.
  • Eating smaller portions – no larger than the size of your fist.
  • Chewing your food thoroughly and eating slowly.
  • Avoiding rich and fatty foods.
  • Cutting down on leafy green vegetables.
  • Paying special attention to how your system reacts to sometimes troublesome dairy and flour/wheat products.
  • Drinking beverages at room temperature; cold liquids can swell the abdomen.
  • Giving your food time to digest, which means waiting at least three hours between meals and large snacks.

Sometimes, you can suffer from bloating after eating no matter how careful you are before and while you eat. This is when it’s time to:

  • Sit up straight and, no matter what, avoid laying down until your food works its way through your system.
  • Chew on a slice of ginger soaked with lemon or lime juice.
  • Inhale deeply for several minutes.
  • Take a short walk at a leisurely pace.

When these strategies fail, there’s only one sure-fire option left to provide relief from the discomfort of bloating after eating: CharcoCaps. This over-the-counter tablet can provide instant relief from myriad problems associated with eating too much or eating the “wrong” foods. It can quell gas and indigestion, too. Chew one CharcoCap before a meal and immediately afterward – and savor that slice of lasagna in a whole new light.

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