Five Ways To Stop Gas From Causing Discomfort And Embarrassment

Statistics show that we all have gas and expel it at some point in the day. While this is a fact, it’s not comforting for those that have bloating symptoms that often include excessive gas. Excessive gas can be debilitating, and painful at times, and you certainly don’t want to be out in public when your bloating symptoms arise.

There are ways you can stop the gas from building that will help you feel comfortable and free to get out and enjoy life. Here are 5 ways to stop the gas from building.

  1. Adjust your diet – The best way to stop bloating symptoms is to find what is causing your issues. You may already have an idea of what causes your symptoms, or you may need to do some investigative work. Keeping a food diary of what you have eaten and how your body felt after the fact can help you pinpoint which foods are causing you problems. Once you have found which foods cause digestive issues for you, begin adjusting your diet and avoid these foods when possible.
  2. Heal your body – The buildup of acid can cause more serious problems in our bodies than gas buildup. When acid builds it can attack the stomach in ways we don’t feel. Repairing this damage can help heal your body, and eliminate further issues. After avoiding your trigger foods, the second step is to start eating healing foods. Yogurt is a great food that can help get your digestive system back on track; it contains probiotics which are “good bacteria” that live in your gut. Look for the label to read Active Cultures and Probiotics.
  3. Minimize Air Intake – Eating more slowly and relaxing while you eat can help reduce the amount of air you take in. If you have bloating symptoms you may also want to cut back on gum chewing as it can cause you to take on excess air as well, causing more gas to build.
  4. Get Moving – Gentle exercise for 10 minutes after eating a meal can help aid your digestion. Try walking before your symptoms set in, although exercise can still help even after symptoms are felt.
  5. Preemptive Management – Using a preventative remedy before an event may help avoid embarrassing social situations if you may be unable to avoid eating trigger foods. Activated charcoal such as the ingredient in CharcoCaps absorbs and eliminates gas and bloating helps improve digestion.

Use these five tips to help identify the causes for your gas symptoms, get your gastrointestinal tract into tip-top shape, avoid triggers and gas-producing foods, and finally gain control of your discomfort and those embarrassing moments.

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