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Get your holiday shopping done early with November deals

Chances are you’ll have one of two reactions to the headline “Here’s How Many People Are Already Done With Their Christmas Shopping“: disbelief or envy. “According to a new survey from, 34 million people, or 14% of Americans, have already started their holiday shopping — and 1 million say they’ve already finished.” If you’re wondering how they did it, this post can help save you time and money this holiday season.

“Despite the hordes at the malls, almost six in 10 people say they prefer to shop in stores, while about one in five prefer shopping online using a computer, and about one in 10 say their phone or tablet will be their main shopping vehicle this year. Surprisingly, it’s not the youngest shoppers who rely most on their mobile devices: shoppers between the ages of 30 and 49 have the highest percentage of mobile use, at 18%.”

November 24
Black Thursday
Business Insider posted a comprehensive list of all the stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving Day 2016. The list is courtesy of Black Friday Ads (BFAdsnet).

Love it or hate it, you’ll find much more store closing info at this point in the season. We were unable to confirm any information about which retailers plan to remain open for bargain hunters on Thanksgiving Day. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on shopping in your area, visit the Holiday Shopping Hours website.

November 25 to 28
Black Friday weekend
For all you ‘mall warriors’ who head out to score great deals while everyone is still in a turkey coma, this info is vital to your battle plan. Real Simple advises shoppers to deploy a two-pronged attack: hit the brick-and-mortar stores by dawn, but don’t overlook online deals. “[M]assive general-interest sites, such as, host special Black Friday events throughout the weekend, along with “lightning deals,” price reductions that are offered for a short time period (last year a $230 video camera was marked down to $110). Be vigilant about sussing out these sales (which typically appear on the home page): discounted items are often available for only a few hours or until they’re sold out.”

Consumer Reports predicts “that 4K TVs will be a bigger part of many retailers’ Black Friday sales this year.” Even better news for shoppers: more major brands will be involved in 2016.”

November 28
You will have to do a little recon during November to make the most of this huge shopping opportunity.  Retailers have taken note of Black Friday-phobes and offer great online shopping deals on Cyber Monday. will post a roundup of the best deals on the web.

While you’ll be able to look for a New Year’s Eve outfit while checking off names on your shopping list, cosmetics and hair product sales are usually hard to find. Subscribe to ‘s email or text alerts for daily deals on a wide variety of beauty buys.

Two final tips: despite the National Retail Foundation’s optimism about retailers ending the year with lots of holiday purchases on their balance sheets, not everyone has enjoyed “rising wages” or is comfortable with the “expanded use of credit.” Most stores post their layaway policy online or near the customer service counter. This option can help you stay within your budget while ensuring that a special gift remains available until you’re ready to buy.

More details become available every day, so check back for updates. Follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook for up-to-the minute news about making the most of your holiday shopping, wellness tips and recipes.

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