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Healthier Holiday Celebrations

“Which foods cause gas?” is a question asked by thousands who’ve visited our site and used CharcoCaps. If you’re attending office parties or having dinner with the family, it may it may seem that everything triggers your symptoms. Here’s how to enjoy yourself during this season and into the new year.

Symptoms may sometimes be triggered not only by what you eat, but the combinations of foods you’re ingesting. Research indicates that it’s wise to pass on many of our favorite holiday combinations – sorry!

Turkey (or ham, or goose) with a fruit-based sauce such as cranberry or pineapple is a no-no. Why? The sauce contains a lot of easily digested simple sugars; while the meat has lots of harder-to-digest fats, starch, and proteins. When combined, the sugar lingers in your digestive tract to ferment and produce gas.

The cheese tray is often the best option when you fail to find other suitable appetizers or you don’t care for the entreé. Fruit is a healthier option than the usual holiday party fare, so the berries are a wiser choice than slab of fudge. Even those who normally avoid fats may opt for a couple of crackers and cheese because of the small portion size. And we’ve all heard that tip about loading up on cheese and carbs if we’ve consumed too much alcohol. You’ve probably already noticed a couple of red flags. Watch your alcohol intake! Also, the combination of fruit and starch or meat and dairy may cause you to reach for your coat way sooner than you would like.

The holiday gala boasts carving stations, surf-and-turf options, top-shelf liquor, and unending platters of food. Watch out for double servings of the protein – it’s notoriously difficult to digest. Pace your alcohol intake; one combination that you should indulge in is [your favorite spirit/vintage] plus soda or water. Replace that single flute to champagne with a couple of champagne spritzers. Opt for a glass of water instead of your usual chaser. If all else fails, linger at the kids’ table.

If you’re planning a get-together, use these tips and edit your menu accordingly. If you’re a guest, think about your options as you navigate the buffet table. Remember to carry a couple of CharcoCaps along in the event that you can’t pass up the candied nuts!

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