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Holiday Indigestion

The holiday season is upon us and it is time to eat, drink and be bloated. Sure you are probably also being merry, but all those rich foods and sugary treats can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Even if you don’t actually pack on those holiday pounds, it can still feel like you have. Not to worry: there are a few tricks that can help you get through the winter without letting holiday indigestion turn you into the Grinch. 

Incorporate Herbal Bitters 

While people tend to think that acid indigestion is caused by an excess of acid. It is actually a result of too little acid in your stomach. Over the holidays, we tend to indulge in foods that are high in sugars and carbs, which put the stomach into overdrive. If you want to do your stomach a favor and increase acid secretion, try herbal bitters before and after meals. Bitters can be ingested raw, taken in pill form or added to drinks with an elixir, either way they will help your stomach break down food.

Ease Stress for Less Holiday Indigestion

Stress also tends to go hand in hand with the holidays and as you probably know by now, stress can cause a whole host of harmful effects on the body. When you are feeling stressed out and rushed, you tend to eat faster. Your sympathetic mode kicks in and your body is in a hyper aware state. As you can imagine, this is not good for your stomach.

Be deliberate about trying to relax before a meal and don’t forget to chew your food! Not only will you enjoy your meal more, your parasympathetic system will have a chance to take charge and work on digesting your meal. Experts recommend that you should spend about 30 seconds on each bite. 

Use CharcoChaps to Fight Indigestion 

Another good piece of advice is not to overindulge, but that may not be too realistic. When you do go overboard with food or drink, you can also use CharcoCaps to help alleviate uncomfortable feelings of gas and bloating. The active ingredients in CharcoCaps will work to soak up excess gas and return your digestive system to a natural state of balance.

The holidays are about sharing great meals with friends and family. With a little preparation, you can fully enjoy get togethers without having to deal with the usual consequences of overindulgence.

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