How To Avoid Bloating After Eating Problem Foods

We’ve all had it happen: Enjoying a delicious meal with friends or family and suffering from bloating or intestinal gas after eating. It’s uncomfortable. It can be embarrassing (who wants to be seen unfastening their pants?). And it takes us out of the moment. Good thing, then, that it’s possible to avoid the bloating that can occur after eating problem foods.

You could already be familiar with over-the-counter remedies that promise relief from intestinal gas and bloating after eating – you may even have used them in the past, to varying degrees of success. That’s because these remedies may work only on certain types of foods, such as raw vegetables, beans and the like. What if you have problems digesting other foods?

You can try to avoid known ‘trigger’ foods, but this isn’t always possible. What if you’re at a friend’s home for dinner and are served a heaping plate of trouble? Most of us would rather eat and later suffer discomfort than insult the host.

Since we can’t always control the foods we’re offered, it’s better to take precautions whenever possible. Here are a few tips for making post-mealtime more comfortable:

  • Avoid carbonated beverages. Makes sense, right? Avoiding excess gas whenever possible will make any food-related bloating less severe.
  • Find ways to include peppermint or ginger in your diet. They are known for their digestive aid properties and can help make you more comfortable. Drinking ginger or peppermint tea, for instance, is an easy way to reap the benefits.
  • Eat more yogurt. Populating your GI tract with plenty of beneficial bacteria by regularly eating low-fat yogurt containing active cultures. This healthy habit will help keep digestion running smoothly.

Alternatively, keep CharcoCaps in your pocket or purse for times when menu options are limited. CharcoCaps quickly eliminate intestinal gas and bloating and is drug-free.

Intestinal gas and bloating don’t have to run your life when taking the appropriate steps to keep them under control is so easy!

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