How To Prevent Flatulence

Flatulence, also referred to as passing gas, is a normal, natural, albeit embarrassing, part of life. Fortunately there are a few things that you can do to try to reduce the amount of gas your body produces.

Avoid foods and drinks with air incorporated in them

Foods such as mousse and sponge cakes as well as drinks such as sodas and beer that incorporate excess air into them will increase the amount of air you swallow thus increasing the amount of air your body must release.

Eat more slowly

You naturally swallow small amounts of air every time you swallow foods or drinks. By eating more slowly you can reduce the amount of air that is swallowed

Quit smoking

People who smoke naturally swallow some air when they do so. Increased flatulence, thereby, is an unfortunate side effect of smoking. Consider it another incentive to quitting smoking (which will also greatly benefit your health).

Cook your beans well

During the process of breaking down beans, the bacteria in your gut produces gas. By cooking your beans well and breaking down those sugars in the cooking process, you will reduce the amount of gas you experience when you eat beans.

Reduce your sulfur intake

The bad smell in your gas is a result of sulfur. By reducing the amount of sulfur rich foods you consume you will also reduce your flatulence. Some examples of sulfur rich foods are cabbages, eggs and meats.

Avoid high-fructose corn syrup

It is nearly impossible to avoid this popular sweetener, especially if you eat a large amount of processed foods. Some people have a hard time breaking down fructose in their small intestines, and this will result in more gas production. By trying to minimize the amount of high-fructose corn syrup that is in your diet you may help reduce your flatulence.

Take probiotics

Sometimes it will be an imbalance in your gut flora that causes an increase in your flatulence. Taking probiotics will help you balance that flora and reduce the amount of gas that you experience.

Consider natural remedies

Many natural remedies can help you reduce gas. Consider trying some of these remedies to help reduce how much gas you experience.

Excess gas can be a bothersome issue. If none of these suggestions help reduce your problem with gas, consider speaking to your doctor about the possible cause of your excess gas production.

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