How To Stop Gas Bloating Before It Starts

It’s true that everyone has gas, however some of us have more than others, and can take on different sets of symptoms. The uncomfortable symptoms that can accompany excess gas make us feel downright miserable.

Gas can build up due to swallowing too much air, such as from chewing gum or drinking soda. Certain foods can also be the culprit such as fiber not breaking down in our colon, or from various food intolerances. There are a few things you can do to try and avoid the uncomfortable and embarrassing bloating, cramping, burping, and passing gas symptoms.

Here are some methods to help find the gas culprit, and prevent uncomfortable situations from arising. Trying different methods can be the best way to find relief.

Start a food diary – Starting a diary to track what you have eaten during the day and any subsequent symptoms you experienced can help find the cause of your problem. Your body may have trouble digesting certain foods, or simply have a sensitivity. After you identify the culprit(s) you will then have the power to avoid these foods, or limit when you ingest them.

Relax and Eat Slowly – When it’s time to eat, make sure you can sit, relax, and eat slowly. This will help you limit excess air intake by reducing swallowed air from eating too quickly, or poorly chewed food. Eating slowly also aids in digestion, and helps trigger the feeling of “fullness” that so many of us miss by rushing. As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy the food you eat even more.

Supplement your diet – Some foods, drinks, and herbs are known to aid in digestion. Supplementing your diet with healing foods may in turn help you digest your food better. Consider adding a daily serving of yogurt to your diet or taking a probiotic supplement. Lemon juice added to a glass of water is known to support digestion, as well as apple cider vinegar in water. Fennel seeds have also been used as a remedy for gas and sour stomach.

Don’t overdo fiber – Fiber is healthy and a good part of a balanced diet, however too much fiber can cause bloating and excess gas. If you’re experiencing gas due to fiber intake you may try to ease symptoms by: drinking more water, breaking up fiber portions throughout the day, and chewing your food thoroughly.

Most OTC products work on sugar and trapped air in the stomach. CharcoCaps is special because it is able to pass through into the intestine and target sources of gas outside the stomach in the intestine and colon. CharcoCaps can also help with gas caused by lactose insensitivity that other products don’t help with. When you’re in need of relief from gas or bloating, or for unavoidable food situations, CharcoCaps can help.

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