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Is Yogurt Good for Gas Sufferers?

Yogurt is one of the big food trends right now, and many people find that a cup of yogurt makes a great breakfast or snack. Compared to junk foods like chips or soda, yogurt may seem like a healthier alternative. The probiotics found in most yogurts can reduce stomach bloating for some people. However, if you’re experiencing the opposite and asking does yogurt cause gas, the answer for some people is yes. Here are some of the reasons yogurt could cause gas.

Lactose Intolerance

People with lactose intolerance are often told to avoid drinking milk and to consider alternative options like hard cheeses and yogurt to get calcium. Even though yogurt contains less lactose than liquid milk, sensitive tummies can still react badly to the amount of lactose found in yogurt. For those with severe lactose intolerance, yogurt can cause uncomfortable gas and bloating.

Thickening Agents

Yogurt in its natural state is not very thick and has a bit of a runny texture. To improve the consistency, some manufacturers add thickening agents, including guar gum and pectin. Some people may find that these thickening ingredients are an answer of yes to the question does yogurt cause gas.

Artificial Sweeteners

Many people are looking to cut calories where they can, and therefore they choose products labeled “diet” or “light.” Such products often contain artificial sweeteners, which reduces the total calorie count. However, if you are regularly feeling gassy and bloated after consuming diet or light yogurt, it could be due to artificial sweeteners used instead of sugar.


A lot of people consume yogurt because of the natural probiotic component. Some popular yogurt brands even advertise that they promote healthy regularity, which is due to the probiotics. When you are wondering does yogurt cause gas, ironically enough the same yogurt you’re eating to promote regularity could also be causing gas and bloating. It takes time for your system to adjust, so you may experience more gas and bloating in the beginning.

Discovering the causes of your digestive discomfort often involves some trial and error. Many who experience gas and bloating decide to try making dietary changes. This can provide some relief, though you may still have occasional breakthrough discomfort.

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