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Low-carb Watch Party Menu for Hollywood’s Big Night

Enjoy the glitz and glamor of Hollywood’s biggest night by hosting an at-home watch party. It doesn’t have to be a big-budget production! We’ve got you covered on everything from the decorations to a low-carb menu that’ll rival what they’re serving at the Vanity Fair party.


You’re the best judge of whether your friends will consider suggested attire a fun idea – or reason to skip the party and watch at home. If it’s the former, you can go with this low-key option; or tell them to pull out all the stops and rock creative black tie.

Dress the set

DIY Red Carpet

You can create a Hollywood vibe beginning the moment your guests arrive! Lay a red carpet (here’s an inexpensive, non-skid version) outside the door to your home.


Take cues from the pros: highlight the food and decorations, flatter people by turning off overhead lights and lowering the wattage.

Production Design

You can make everything look more polished and cohesive by dressing horizontal surfaces with fabric. There’s no need to buy tablecloths or rent tables and chairs: drape your existing furniture with patterned flat sheets or with shawls. If you have white LED (the kind that doesn’t get hot) Christmas tree lights, you can safely place them under a sheer curtain and nestle serving pieces in between the strand.


You can print your ballots or order these:

Everyone can be a paparazzo for the night with these disposable cameras.

Catering to the Stars


LowCarb Maven’s Baked Zucchini Chips

Epicurious’ Mini Mushroom Caps
Substitute salad dressing for the mayonnaise.

LowCarb Maven’s Chile-Lime Chips


Better Homes and Gardens’ Crab-topped shrimp

Tummy-friendly entrees

Popsugar’s Healthy Chicken Wing Recipe


Beauty and the Foodie’s Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Cakes


Christie Brinkley’s low-carb, organic Prosecco

Better Homes and Gardens’ Ruby Red Cocktail

Don’t miss a minute of the good, the bad, and the very long acceptance speeches. With the right atmosphere and a little planning, you and your guests can all feel like stars. If you’re walking someone else’s red carpet on the big night, remember to tuck CharcoCaps® into your evening bag. You’ll be ready for the buffet and your close-up!

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