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Manage Bloating Pain & Pressure At Work

Vacation time is over, so it’s time to trade that picnic basket for a fast food menu. Welcome back to conference- or break-room diet disasters, too. Bagels or donuts can be tempting; especially if you had to skip breakfast to make arrive on time. While a bagel might appear to be the healthier choice, remember portion control. Some bagels are the size of salad plates! Fatty spreads, such as cream cheese, may contribute to the bloat. 

Carbonated beverages can trigger bloating, so back away from the soda. If you really can’t resist, try sipping a glass of water between cans of soda. (Interestingly, many gas sufferers find that ginger ale does help with gas pain and pressure!) 

Caffeine can fuel more than the race to meet your next deadline: it can “stimulate gastric emptying of the stomach before food has a chance to properly digest.”  The consequence is that “more undigested food usually equals more flatulence problems. (via 

You may want to rethink that yogurt stash in the mini fridge: yogurt can cause gas. Some gas sufferers are sensitive to its lactose content; others find that their systems need time to adjust to the probiotics found in brands formulated to “promote healthy regularity.” Be sure to read the label so you can avoid the artificial sweeteners or thickening agents, such as guar gum.

It’s often difficult to avoid gas causing foods when you have access to only a limited selection. Long workdays make it difficult to prepare healthy alternatives. Fortunately, there’s a quick way to relieve your symptoms if you eat or drink something that triggers intestinal gas: CharcoCaps. Keep a package on hand and you’ll be ready for:

  • Conferences: You can’t escape the room even if you want to – and you really want to. CharcoCaps can settle you in your seat while settling your bubbling stomach.

  • Crowded elevators: If you’re stressed by a late arrival, you may start to develop symptoms. The last thing you need is the added delay of waiting for an empty car. CharcoCaps will put you in charge of gas and bloating.

  • Last-minute requests: Visits, tours and meetings can sneak up on you, just like gas and bloating.  CharcoCaps will help you stay on the job and manage gas and bloating symptoms throughout the workday. 

This is one good reason for keeping a supply of CharoCaps on the job; right in your desk drawer. 

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