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Manage Stress, Manage Your Digestive Health

You have survived the holidays! All those rich foods, cocktails and late nights were left behind in the last year and your diet is back on track. So why is your digestive system still not feeling quite right? The answer could be stress.

Research is making it increasingly evident that there is a strong and often complex relationship between your brain and your digestive system. This means that any stress you are experiencing can go right to your stomach and cause real discomfort. Just think about the last time you were nervous about a job interview or getting on a plane. Chances are that your digestive system didn’t feel so great either.

The connection is so powerful that many doctors now believe that stress is the major cause of common ailments such as heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome. Often times, those who suffer from digestive problems have a system that looks completely normal and fully functional. The real problems occur when stress triggers the release of hormones that can cause a wide range of havoc. This means that curing these maladies may have less to do with diet and prescription drugs and a whole lot more to do with reducing stress.

How to Handle Stress for Better Digestive Health

It is impossible to eliminate all stress from your life, which means that your best bet is to simply learn how to handle it better. Meditation is the most powerful tool you can use to manage stress and lead a more peaceful and present life. Start with just 5-10 minutes a day and see where that takes you. The best part is that the only thing you need is a quiet space. If you want more guidance, consult your healthcare professional for helpful resources.

Even just practicing deep breathing throughout the day can make a difference. Take breaks and focus on slowly inhaling and exhaling.

If you need more immediate relief from digestive discomfort while you work on reducing stress, CharcoCaps can help. This natural product is gentle and safe. It uses activated charcoal to relieve gas and bloating and absorb the toxins that can build up in your system, so that you can return to a natural state of balance. Talk to your doctor if stress becomes more than an occasional annoyance. When combined with stress reduction, CharcoCaps may be just the tool you need to feel better this New Year.

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