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Managing Intestinal Gas

Passing gas is a part of our daily lives and can actually provide you with some insights into your health. At this point, you have probably noticed that the types of foods you eat have a direct effect on your digestive system and can cause gas, so let’s take things a step further.

Gas is actually a combination of the air your swallow and the gas produced by digestive bacteria in your lower intestine. As your gut bacteria work to break down sugars and starchy foods, it releases a variety of different gases, including: nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, oxygen and hydrogen sulfide. It is the small concentration of sulfur in the last gas that causes odor and can turn a normal bodily function into an embarrassing social situation. As the healthy bacteria in your intestine goes to work, it can end up creating 2-6 cups of gas per day. And that gas has to go somewhere.

The good news is that only about 1% of the gas you release has any scent at all. The even better news is that any odor is totally normal. Certain foods, such as broccoli, dairy, beans and red meat, simply contain more sulfur compounds and produce more odor as they are digested. In fact, if you are passing gas throughout the day, that is a pretty good sign that you are getting an adequate amount of fiber in your diet. Well done!

If you are noticing other signs of trouble, you may still be operating well within the range or normal. However, if the build up of gas is causing you regular discomfort including bloating, you may want to consider making some adjustments.

There are two simple ways to help control the symptoms of gas and bloating and alleviate digestive trouble. The first is to change your diet. Cut back on or eliminate any offending foods from you daily routine. The second step is to use a natural product like CharcoCaps dietary supplement to help absorb the gas that is created in your intestines. It contains activated charcoal, which is very porous, to soak up excess gas and toxins. In addition to providing immediate relief, CharcoCaps dietary supplement will work to restore your intestines to a natural state of balance for more lasting results.

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