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Mother’s Day Celebration

If you’re avoiding carbs to manage the distress of excessive intestinal gas, the typical Mother’s Day brunch presents a real challenge! Restaurants offer bottomless Mimosas, stuffed French toast, towers of pastry, and bowls brimming with fruit. Even moms who are treated to breakfast in bed can expect pancakes, waffles, other breakfast favorites swimming in syrup. Whether you’re treating mom to a meal out or breakfast in bed, we’ve got some tasty, low-carb alternatives.

Dining out


Celebrating mom means a day off from the daily grind; no cooking and every possible indulgence. The problem is that her digestive system and/or her resolve may not easily tolerate the typical Mother’s Day buffet.


Think of trying a well-reviewed new restaurant or an old favorite that serves lower-carb cuisine. If you know where she celebrated other special occasions (think of graduation parties, her rehearsal dinner, or where she may have dined with your grandmother) you’ll get bonus points for thoughtfulness! A restaurant that serves seafood and steak will make her feel special and give you lots of menu options. An expertly prepared three to five-ounce salmon or filet paired with grilled vegetables will satisfy most moms.

Breakfast (or brunch) in bed


You want to spoil mom, but you’re either afraid you’ll spoil her diet or are having flashbacks to that undercooked bacon and runny egg fiasco of your childhood.


We’ve found easy-to-follow modern updates of traditional recipes. Even if she loves pancakes, we’ve found low-carb options that are sure to please.

Check Sources for links to more menu options and recipes.

Sample menu




Serve a flute of Christie Brinkley’s Bellisima Zero Sugar Sparkling Wine, or try one of these recipes.

Blueberry-Ricotta Pancakes

Fresh berry bowl

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins


Mini Caprese Salad

Mini Mushroom-&-Sausage Quiches

Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake Recipe – Low Carb and Gluten-Free

Serve a flute of Christie Brinkley’s Bellisima Zero Sugar Sparkling Wine, or try one of these recipes.

Don’t forget presentation:

  • use your best china, crystal, and silverware and serve breakfast on a tray
  • garnish her plate with edible flowers (available in the grocery department of most large supermarkets)
  • present her gift as a “second course”: drape a bracelet around the stem of her champagne glass or serve a small gift under a covered dish
  • conceal that (gift wrapped) book she wants in the folds of the Sunday paper

There are lots of great ways to celebrate Mom (or celebrate being a mom) that won’t cause tummy trouble. If you enjoy the occasional glass of wine, consider opting for a single flute of champagne instead of sugary cocktails.

The best part is that when you reduce carbs, you’re likely to boost nutritional value. You’ll feel just as full and satisfied, but without the empty calories and strain on your digestive system.

Don’t let excessive intestinal gas prevent you from enjoying time with your family this Mother’s Day!

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