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Our Healthy Eating Plan To Help You Get Bikini-Ready!

How many times have you read variations on this topic so far this spring? Blogs and magazine articles often promote a cycle of yo-yo dieting; you’re encouraged to indulge yourself with high-calorie, high-carb comfort food all winter long and then begin a rigorous exercise and diet program in order to ‘bare your beach bod’ Memorial Day weekend. We believe – whether you’re a size 2 or a size 2X – you should feel confident about wearing any swimsuit you like, but it’s a lot healthier to maintain a proper weight year-round.

Regardless of whether the goal is to avoid tummy trouble or your doctor has advised you to lose a few pounds, gas sufferers have special dietary needs. ‘Clean eating’ plans often recommend large servings of fruits and vegetables; some suggest adding sugar substitutes to beverages or baked goods. Unfortunately, these low-calorie plans can contribute to bloating and can contribute to existing winter weight gain. That’s why the generic summer shape-up diet may not be right for you.

Confused? We’ve got you covered!

Popular plans

Beach Body On Demand advises readers that emotional triggers and cultural influences can make eating “more natural, whole foods, and less junk (processed foods, fried foods, treats and drinks loaded with sugar)” difficult. “Known these days as clean eating, this style of eating is the healthiest, simplest way to lose weight, improve body composition, and perform better. … Ideally, clean eating should become a lifestyle, not some quick-fix diet.”

Caveat dieter: first, do your homework

Other plans emphasize foods that cause satiety (a feeling of fullness). The more satisfied you feel, the easier it is to control cravings and limit caloric intake. These plans often recommend gas-causing foods, such as brown rice and cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, brussels sprouts). [link to Shape] Nutritionists advise gradually introducing these foods to minimize digestive distress. [link to LiveStrong]  Eat small portions, limit the number of daily servings, and add only one of the ‘troublemakers’ each week.

Shape Magazine’s diet and exercise programs are worth a look. You’ll be able to choose from gourmet, gluten-free, vegetarian, and on-the-go dietary options. Jillian Michaels, of The Biggest Loser fame, contributes exercise tips.

Food combinations to avoid

Sometimes an individual food isn’t the source of your tummy trouble. The problem results from combining two menu options that are hard to digest.

Carbs + carbs

If you skip pizza when you’re dieting, you’re on the right track. The cheese – dairy -and bread contain a double serving of carbs.

Fruit + Protein or Starch

That quick burst of energy you get from grabbing an apple or banana usually means that your body is burning through fruit’s simple sugars. If, however, you add a starch (jelly donut or English muffin and jam), the “fruit sugar will stay [in your stomach] for too long.” The seemingly healthy breakfast of yogurt topped with fresh fruit may cause the same result.

Protein + Protein 

You may opt for protein-rich meals if you have a physically demanding job, are working out, or are breastfeeding. Double servings of protein, such as chicken salad with beans, can be difficult to digest.

How to combine foods

Fruit + Protein or Starch

Women’s Health advises readers to “either eat fruit solo or wait to eat it for at least an hour after your main meal. That way, your other food will have a chance to digest, and the fruit can go through your system in its typically speedy fashion.”

Carbs + carbs

“Skip the bread, and have your dairy with bitter greens (like kale, arugula, and endive) instead.”

Protein + Protein 

Protein is a different animal; gas sufferers should eat “just one main protein per meal, like a nice piece of fish with steamed veggies and bread or eggs on top of a kale salad.”

If you’re not active, you’re probably aware that you’ll likely need to exercise in order to achieve your goals. Fitness experts often suggest adding cardiovascular exercise to your weekly regimen, but caution that  Cardio helps burn fat and will complement your muscle-building workouts. As always, consult your doctor before deciding to start a new diet or exercise program.

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