people at a reception with a woman in a blue dress in the foreground

Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress

“OK, ladies! It’s time to come up here and show everyone your moves!”

When the deejay or frontman is beckoning “ladies only” to the dance floor at your college roomie’s wedding reception, it’s no time to be shy. After all, you’ve already said yes to a knockout dress, and the time is now for everyone to take notice of it – and you.

Only one nuisance stands in the way between you and a rockin‘ dance rendition of “Single Ladies”: the gas that’s churning in your stomach – the probable result of too much food, and perhaps too much alcohol, mingling with the excitement of an emotional day.

So with encouragement to “get on up there” all around – and a photographer ready to immortalize your moves for all time – what exactly is your next move as your dress tightens its grip around your middle?

Answer: take CharcoCaps capsules, which will go to work to absorb gas before the band tunes up.

If a “ladies only” dance segment isn’t reason enough to bring CharcoCaps capsules with you to a wedding, consider five other key moments when your form (and form-fitting dress) will be on full display:

  • That lull between arriving at the reception and when dinner is served. Talk about the land that time forgot: the seemingly endless receiving line; waiting for the wedding party to finish taking photographs; catching up with old friends. CharcoCaps can settle the bubbles of nerves washing over you.
  • When you stride across the room to grab a drink. At some point, everyone finds their designated seat, so you’re bound to stand out as you make your way to the bar. CharcoCaps can quell those strange noises emanating from your bloated stomach.The “group shots,” captured by the photographer or videographer. With CharcoCaps, you can sit down, stand up, or perform one of the dreaded wedding dances and smile on cue – with confidence about how you look and feel.

    The bridal bouquet toss, during which you might be granted a slight reprieve while all eyes focus on the bride. But that’s a fleeting moment. All eyes will soon revert to the ladies in the crowd, whether or not you end up with the bouquet in your hands. CharcoCaps will ensure that you don’t wither under the pressure – even if the MOB tries to set you up with her best friend’s son – the taxidermist.

    The departure of the bride and groom, otherwise known as the “should I stay or should I go now?” segment of many wedding receptions. CharcoCaps may not make you the life of the party, but when you look and feel your best, you’ll have every reason to stick around for the last dance and show everyone why you said yes to that knockout dress.

Find CharcoCaps at your favorite drugstore – and consider it the very best move you can make at all the weddings you attend this season.

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