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Score With This Low-carb Big Game Party Menu

Big Game parties usually feature free-flowing alcohol and lots of fried or starchy foods. If you’re troubled by intestinal gas, they’re often followed by a long and uncomfortable Monday.

All those cheesy, high-carb foods and drinks are decidedly delicious, but they also put your body through a real digestive marathon. Your GI tract has to secrete high levels of acid to digest all those rich, fatty foods and simple sugars. Top that all off with the inactivity of hours spent watching the game and you might start to feel like you’ve been sacked once too often!

If you’re hosting, you’ll want a menu that you and your friends can enjoy. Here’s a selection of low-carb, tummy-friendly riffs on classic football party favorites.


Loaded “Faux-tato” Skins (Low Carb and Gluten Free)

Cheddar Cheese Straws and the Cabot FitTeam

Loaded Sweet Potato Bites


Low Carb Chile-Lime Chips

Herbed Crackers & Bacon Horseradish Dip


Asian Tuna Cakes

Classic Buffalo Wings

Chicken Parmesan Meatballs

Grilled Chimmichurri Shrimp

Instead of ordering pizza (and a side of bread sticks), make your own pizza with a cauliflower crust and significantly reduce carbs while also increasing nutritional value. The recipe is easy to follow and you can control the amount of cheese and add healthy toppings for a great alternative to greasy pizza.


If the Big Game just won’t be the same without a few celebratory drinks, there are some low-carb options. Choose classic distilled spirits. A simple vodka soda with a little lime or a mojito are both low-carb choices that still provide some great flavor.

If you’re watching carbs, you’ll often be advised to pass on mixed drinks. The Mother Nature Network features low-carb versions of happy hour classics:
The key, not matter what you drink, is not to overdo it.


Remember to drink a glass of water between servings of any alcoholic beverage. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating.

There are plenty of low-carb snack and beverage options that will help you make it through the Big Game without wreaking havoc on your digestive system. If you have trouble sticking to the plan and end up indulging in some ‘forbidden foods,’ be sure to have CharcoCaps® on hand. This dietary supplement will relieve gas & bloating fast so you can enjoy your favorite foods without worry!

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