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Surviving Backyard BBQ Season on a Diet

Summer is here! For most people, that means it’s time to fire up the grill and feast on everything from burgers and hotdogs to steak and ribs. And what’s a barbecue without the sauce?  Some would sooner part with their grill than with the family BBQ sauce recipe.

Even if you take supreme pride in the flavor and tenderness of the meats that come off your grill, that doesn’t mean they will also receive high marks from your digestive system. If you have a sensitive stomach and want to survive this year’s BBQ season, follow these tips:

Be Smart About Your Seasoning

Most bottled BBQ sauces tend to rely on starches and sugars that can be difficult to digest.

If you’re a guest …

While your BBQ loyalties may tend to the “sweet ‘n’ spicy side,” you may have to switch teams in order to save your stomach. Sauces typically use a base that is full of sugars and starches, which can be hard to digest. Go with a low-carb dry rub (watch out for recipes that include brown sugar) and you can enjoy all the flavor without having to suffer digestive distress.

If you’re hosting …

Dry rubs are just one possibility. Channel your inner Bobby Flay and choose one of our sugar-free, low-carb barbecue sauce recipes.

Choose Lean Proteins

While the occasional red meat dish won’t ruin your health,  animal fats can make your digestive system work overtime.

If you’re a guest …

Skinless chicken and fish should probably be your first choice, but if you have your heart set on enjoying some red meat there are healthy options. If you are cooking up some classic hamburgers, avoid beef that has more than 10% fat. Packages should be clearly labeled so that you can make informed choices.

In addition, you can always consult with your butcher. Even if you don’t have access to a local butcher shop, most large supermarket chains employ a butcher from early morning until late afternoon. He or she will be able to recommend options and even provide cooking suggestions so that you don’t end up drying out a great cut of lean meat. The good news is that eating the occasional serving of red meat won’t upset your stomach; provided you limit portion sizes and choose the right cuts. Opt for a three or four ounce serving, and you’re golden!

If you’re hosting …

All of the above, plus we’ve got salads and desserts that are guaranteed to please your guests and your tummy.

Bring Your Own Meats and Dishes

When you head out for a BBQ, it is hard to know what is on the menu and whether there will be stomach friendly options for you to choose from. Avoid having to sit back and watch others indulge by bringing your own meats to grill and dishes to share. Chances are that someone else at the party will appreciate the having some healthier options and the host will be happy for the help.

With a little planning, strategy and the help of CharcoCaps® dietary supplement, you’ll have lots of menu options during this summer’s BBQ and grilling season. Combine a smart diet with the help of CharcoCaps® dietary supplement and you’ll have the perfect recipe for surviving backyard BBQs.

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