food (kababas, saugage, ribs) on a grill

The Thrill of the Grill

You see – and smell – thick sirloin burgers sizzling away, just awaiting the crowning touch: a slice of cheddar or provolone cheese.

You’re also being tempted by a hearty slab of barbecued baby-back ribs, bathed in a sweet but tangy sauce that promises to make every juicy bite a succulent delight. Even those Chicago-style hot dogs are going to be difficult to pass up because everyone knows that hot dogs sizzle with added flavor after being cooked on the grill.

Whatever you choose to put on your plate at your next summer picnic, you can’t wait to top it all off with an ear of corn – never crisper and sweeter than it is during the summer.

On the other hand, maybe you should wait.

Fatty meats, processed meats, sauces and corn are among those foods that nutritional experts call “trigger foods,” or those foods causing gas, bloating or heartburn. And none of these conditions is a picnic.

Keep the flame burning

Rather than sitting out mealtime, try taking some simple preventive steps before, during and after you eat to restore the thrill of the summer grill:

  • Select only the leanest cuts of meat and pass on fatty cuts. Limit the toppings on grilled food, especially cheese and sauces.
  • Cut back or eliminate tomatoes and tomato-based products, such as ketchup and salsa. The acidic value in both products can cause gas.
  • Dress burgers with mild guacamole. Or dip toasted tortilla chips in some “guac” for a light meal.
  • If you can’t resist sweet corn, break a full ear in half. Skip the butter and salt, both of which can induce bloating and gas.
  • Eat small portions – or those that are about the size of your fist – and chew your food slowly

CharcoCaps is the final course

With some discipline, you can attend a barbecue without having to worry about the uncomfortable – and potentially embarrassing – effects of foods causing gas.

You can increase the odds of going back for seconds by taking one more crucial step: chewing a CharcoCaps tablet before and after you eat. These over-the-counter tablets work quickly to absorb gas and relieve you of symptoms of foods causing gas. Think of CharcoCaps as an easy and natural gateway to your digestive health.

With CharcoCaps, you can do more than enjoy seconds; you can once again enjoy the sheer thrill of the summer grill.

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