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Three Ways to Manage Intestinal Gas

A little gas is normal. The average person releases intestinal gas about 14 times a day and that doesn’t even include burping and belching, which is another natural function of the digestive system. However, if your gas has become an embarrassing problem, there are some real solutions.

Common Misconceptions about Managing Gas

Before we cover the best ways to manage gas, here are some common remeidies that you might want to reconsider.

1. Changing Your Diet

Sure, reducing the amount of gas producing foods you ingest can help the problem, but it can also create a new problem: a diet that provides limited variety and nutrition. Some of the most nutritious foods, such as beans and vegetables, are also the most likely to cause gas. Eliminating several foods from your diet may not be the best route.

2. Taking Antacids

Some people take a proactive approach to neutralizing gas producing foods by taking antacids. The trouble here is that while antacids are meant to help with digestive health, they are really meant for heartburn and the type of gas that produces burping. When it comes to intestinal gas, they won’t do much good.

3. Taking Activated Charcoal

The best way to naturally soothe gas problems without having to drastically change your diet is to take activated charcoal supplements. Please be aware that activated charcoal can interact with many medications. You should consult your healthcare professional to ensure that taking this – or any other supplement – won’t affect your body’s ability to benefit from prescribed medications.

Simply adding CharcoCaps to your daily routine can help absorb the excess gas that accumulates in your intestines and create more solid stools. You’ll be able to more easily take part in some of the activities that you currently avoid. CharcoCaps are safe and can be purchased online or at your local drugstore.

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