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Tips To Stop Gas In Its Tracks

Gas and bloating can be enough to keep you at home and prevent you from socializing and enjoying your favorite activities. Fortunately, there are some all-natural and simple steps you can take to stop gas in its tracks and just plain feel better. You may be surprised to find just how easy it is to avoid getting gas in the first place.

Avoid carbonated beverages 

It isn’t necessary to permanently eliminate bubbles from your diet, but take a break and then gradually reintroduce one carbonated beverage each day. When you begin to feel comfortable, stick to that number!

Avoid taking in too much air 

Some people experience bloating or flatulence when they consume certain foods, but others swallow too much air when they chew gum or drink through a straw. Think about why you’re chewing gum. If you’re using it to freshen your breath, switch to breath mints (preferably those without artificial sweetener).  If you’re frequently troubled with bad breath, see your dentist and eliminate the source of the problem. If you chew gum to relieve stress, try one of these relaxation techniques.  Some can easily be used at your desk!

Avoid artificial sweeteners

Researchers cite sorbitol, an artificial sweetener commonly found in gum, as one source of intestinal discomfort. “It’s also possible that your system can’t tolerate artificial sweeteners, such as sorbitol, mannitol and xylitol, found in some sugar-free foods, gums and candies. Many healthy people develop gas and diarrhea when they consume these sweeteners.”

Digestive Aids

Drink caffeine-free peppermint or ginger tea throughout day. Both these plants are know to help with digestive problems. Traditional medicine practitioners tout the benefits of other carminative herbs, such as turmeric and parsley.

Consult not only your doctor, but your dentist

Some people swallow too much air with every breath. “The simple definition of aerophagia is when you swallow too much air into your gastrointestinal tract. … Once this air is in your gastrointestinal tract any that is not absorbed into the small intestine (primarily oxygen), has to go somewhere. That passage out often leads to abdominal bloating and painful intestinal cramps.”

One gastroenterologist states: “The treatment of aerophagia is based mainly on expert opinion because no controlled trials are available.” Individuals with “severe symptoms” may be referred to a speech therapist. Nose strips are also sometimes recommended.

Your dental professional can determine if dentures fit properly. Ill-fitting dentures can distort your speech patterns and/or eating habits, causing you to swallow too much air.

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