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Treat Mom (and your tummy) Right On Mother’s Day!

If you are trying to stick to a low-carb diet in order to improve your health and manage your intestinal gas, the typical Mother’s Day brunch presents a real challenge! The traditional Mother’s Day celebration often takes place at a restaurant, so you’ll have fewer options than those who dine at home. Whether you’re treating mom to a meal out or breakfast in bed, we’ve got some tasty, low-carb alternatives.

Lastly, for the non-traditional mom, we’ve curated a list of top Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Dining out


You want to pamper mom, so you plan to make reservations at a white-tablecloth venue with the best French toast or creme brulée in town. Trouble is, you’re worried about how either or both of you will feel after a rich meal.


Think of trying a well-reviewed new restaurant or an old favorite that serves lower-carb cuisine. Options: a beautifully decorated restaurant that serves sushi or steak will make her feel special  – and give you lots of menu options. If mom loves seafood, sushi restaurants offer lots of options. An expertly prepared three- to five-ounce filet paired with grilled vegetables or a meat-based salad will satisfy any carnivore.

Breakfast in bed

The best way to spoil mom – without testing her resolve – is to prepare a few traditional favorites in a lighter, modern way. Even if she loves French toast or pancakes, we’ve found low-carb options that will be sure to please. Mimosas can be prepared with or without champagne (use sparkling white grape juice for the alcohol-free version). Squeeze the orange juice yourself to make a more flavorful beverage. Include a couple of links of turkey sausage or strips of turkey bacon and breakfast is done!

Don’t forget presentation:
  • use your best china, crystal and silverware
  • tuck a single blossom into a folded linen napkin
  • serve breakfast on a tray
  • garnish her plate with edible flowers (available in the supermarket grocery department)
  • present her gift as a “second course”: drape a bracelet around the stem when you refill her champagne glass or serve a small gift under a covered dish
  • conceal that (gift wrapped) book she wants in the folds of the Sunday paper

Break with tradition

This last option has nothing to do with food!  Give an adventurous mom a helicopter tour or hot-air balloon ride. Treat her to a spa day or give her a sparkling clean house by Saturday (spare her the ‘second shift’ of housecleaning duty).

Moms often say that the most precious gift is time with their children. If you and your mom are movie fans, plan an afternoon with her tastes in mind. If she’s a fan of the classics, see if your local art house if screening anything special that weekend. Take her to the multiplex if she’d prefer something more commercial.

Alternatively, buy tickets to a play or concert you know she’d never attend on her own – and go with her. Smile!

There are lots of great ways to celebrate Mom (or celebrate being a mom) that won’t cause tummy trouble. If you enjoy the occasional glass of wine, today is the perfect day to choose the traditional Mimosa!

The best part is that when you reduce carbs, you usually end up increasing the overall nutritional value. Replace potatoes and bread (sorry, French toast lovers) with lean meats and fiber-rich vegetables. You’ll feel just as full and satisfied, but save the empty calories and strain on your digestive system.


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