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What Are Your Bloating Triggers?

Bloating is one of the most common and uncomfortable types of digestive distress. By the time you feel your clothing tighten at the waistline, it can be too late! The key to remaining comfortable is to identify your trigger behaviors and foods and break the cycle before it starts.

Main Cause of Bloating

While this may sound a little silly, the most common cause of gas build up in the abdomen is swallowing too much air. This can happen for a variety of reasons. If you experience frequent bloating, you may be eating too fast. It is a good rule of thumb for everyone to slow down while eating and be more conscious about the feel and taste of the food you are eating. Try to enjoy the entire experience more. If you have trouble adjusting to this new pace, chew every bite 10 times before you swallow.

Beverage choices and the way they are consumed can also contribute to swallowing too much air. Avoid drinking through a straw and stay away from carbonated drinks. You may notice a significant decrease in bloating just by taking these simple steps.

Nervous habits cause some people to take in too much air. Whether they are sucking on candy or breathing abnormally because of stress, these habits can send air to the wrong place and result in bloating. Reduce stress through meditation and breathing exercises that encourage you to take long, deep breaths.

Other Causes of Bloating

Bloating is a common occurrence when overeating is a part of the festivities. You know that the meal has been a success when grandpa settles into his recliner and unbuttons his pants, but as a general rule, smaller portions are not only good for your waistline, but will help you avoid a long night of feeling bloated and uncomfortable. You can sample a little bit of everything, but avoid eating until you feel full or uncomfortably full because that feeling is bound to stay with you throughout the night.

Food Triggers

As you may have guessed, certain types of foods are more likely than others to trigger bloating. First, you should avoid fatty foods. They are much harder on your digestive system, so you could feel the consequences.

Artificial sweeteners can also cause problems and are better left out of your diet. Finally, be aware of how many beans, lentils and fruits and vegetables you are eating. You want to eat a balanced diet that includes a variety of nourishing foods, but some choices are better than others when it comes to reducing bloating.

While the best strategy is to identify and avoid certain triggers, remember that there is help available if you have already reached the point of no return and need some relief.

If you’ve occasionally indulged, there is some good news. Dietary supplements like CharcoCaps® can be taken after you eat and work to adsorb the excess gas that builds up in your digestive system.


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