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When Food isn’t Causing Your Gas and Bloating

If you suffer from uncomfortable gas and bloating, you have probably already talked to your doctor and learned which foods to stay away from in order to relieve symptoms. But what if you have changed your diet and you are still experiencing abdominal pain and irregular bowel movements? There may be a more serious disorder or other lifestyle factors that are causing you discomfort.

Diagnosing Causes of Intestinal Distress is Difficult

For most people, gas is a result of the foods they eat. However, the same symptoms can also be a sign of a more serious disorder. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) exhibits many of the same symptoms you might experience after eating a heavy meal full of fiber. This can make diagnosing a more serious disease and identifying specific causes of gas and bloating very challenging.

Getting to the root of the problem is a process of elimination. Usually, you will start by keeping a food diary and recording what you eat and any adverse effects. This will help you identify any food related causes of gas. Some people react to lactose, others to fructose and artificial ingredients. You will have to really listen to your body and track your eating habits in order to hone in on the culprits.

When this process still isn’t yielding any conclusive information, it is time to talk to your doctor. He or she will be able to screen for IBS or other intestinal disorders that may be in play. The severity of IBS varies widely and the exact causes are still unknown, which can make treatment difficult.

Non-Food Related Causes of Gas

If eliminating certain foods hasn’t brought noticeable relief, then it may be time to look at other lifestyle factors. Stress can not only trigger intestinal distress, it can also alter hormone levels, which will also have a negative impact on your digestive health. Reducing stress levels and improving sleep quality and duration can help reduce gas and bloating.

The best strategy for fighting gas and bloating involves changing your diet, reducing stress, improving overall health and incorporating CharcoCaps into your routine. This safe, over-the-counter supplement helps to naturally absorb gas and help return your body to an ideal state of balance by removing toxins that can build up in your intestines. CharcoCaps is available at most drugstores and provides a great tool to help you enjoy better health and well-being.

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