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Winning Low-carb Strategy for the Big Game

The Big Game is right around the corner and that means alcohol, snacks and a long Monday morning plagued by indigestion. All those cheesy, high carb foods and drinks are decidedly delicious, but they also put your body through a real digestive marathon. It takes a lot of work to breakdown all those rich, fatty foods and simple sugars. Do yourself a favor and enjoy all the action while munching on tasty low-carb snack and beverage options that won’t leave room for any regrets.

Let’s start with the easiest choices that involve the least amount of preparation.

Nuts. What could be easier or more health conscious than setting out a bowl of mixed nuts. While peanuts are a classic choice, almonds, walnuts and even cashews are all superfoods that pack an extra nutritional punch. You can even opt for flavored products to add a little spice.

Veggies and Hummus. A vegetable plate is another staple of most get togethers. The problem is that it usually involves some sort of dairy based dip that tends to be packed with calories and lactose, which can be hard to digest. Up the protein factor with a delicious hummus and enjoy a variety of fiber and vitamin rich vegetables.

Now for a new spin on old favorites. 

Instead of ordering pizza (and a side of bread sticks), homemade pizza with a cauliflower crust will significantly reduce carbs and increase nutritional value. The recipe is easy to follow and you can control the amount of cheese and add healthy toppings for a great alternative to greasy pizza.

If the Big Game just won’t be the same without a few celebratory drinks, there are some low carb options. For beer drinkers, light beers are your best choice. Otherwise, go with some classic distilled spirits. A simple vodka soda with a little lime or a mojito are both low-carb choices that still provide some great flavor. The key, not matter what you drink, is not to overdo it.

There are plenty of low-carb snack and beverage options that will help you make it through the Big Game without wreaking havoc on your digestive system. If you have trouble sticking to the plan and end up indulging in some rich snacks, be sure to have CharcoCaps® dietary supplement on hand. This dietary supplement will relieve Gas & Bloating Fast so you can enjoy your favorite foods without worry!

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